As the strong and unified voice of the industry, ACMA works to further the best interests of the composites industry in all available forums and to represent its membership to lawmakers, regulators and the general public. Our strong government affairs team lobbies vigorously at the federal, state and local levels on issues that make a difference to you and the success of your business.

As the composites industry’s largest and most influential trade group, ACMA recognizes that one of its key responsibilities is to facilitate communication between our members and public policy makers on Capitol Hill and in agencies such as EPA and OSHA. The association consistently seeks to proactively and positively affect regulatory and legislative outcomes. It also pushes back against problematic governmental actions.

ACMA offers its members access to resources and programs that will enable them to form enduring, positive relationships with their Members of Congress. At the same time, it provides a framework for coordinated advocacy efforts, enabling the composites industry to speak with a strong, unified voice.