Build a Brighter Future for Composites

Get involved! Your engagement in composites advocacy will enable our industry to address legislators and regulators with a strong, unified voice. With the weight of the entire composites community behind our lobbying efforts, the message of the composites industry is able to truly resonate with policymakers across the nation. This will ensure that our views are heard on issues including worker safety, the environment, job creation, market development and trade policy.

Plant Tours

"The most basic reason to do a plant tour is to put a face--100 faces--to the issues we tackle. You can go to their office, but when they see a building with people, it makes a difference." -Jay Merrell, IDI Composites

Plant tours provide policymakers the unique opportunity to learn about composites manufacturing. Your company provides valuable jobs and produces innovative and important products. Do not assume that your Senator or Representative already knows about the industry--use this opportunity to teach them! By hearing directly from their constituents, Members of Congress know exactly how the decisions made in Washington will impact voters in their district. Host your Member of Congress and their staff on a tour so they can learn more about your company and your industry. This is the single best way to get national leaders interested in composites.

Take advantage of the time Senators and Represenatives will be spending in their districts and protect the interests of your business by scheduling a Congressional plant tour for one of the upcoming district work weeks.  The Government Affairs staff at ACMA is here to help you make the most out of your plant tour, and we have developed a guidebook to help you every step of the way. 

For additional assistance with plant tours please email or call (571) 645-5266.


Five Easy Steps to Get Composites on the Agenda:

1. Meet with your Member of Congress in their District Office
2. Host a Congressional Plant Tour
3. Participate in ACMA's Next Legislative Fly-In
4. Donate to the Composites Advocacy Fund
5. Participate in ACMA PAC