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The American Composites Manufacturers Association's Political Action Committee (ACMA PAC) was established over a decade ago to promote:

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Why is the ACMA PAC Important?:

Congress regularly considers key infrastructure, energy and regulatory reform bills that will have an immediate impact on your company's bottom line. ACMA PAC allows our industry to have the access we need to Members of Congress in order to promote a pro-business, pro-composites agenda in the future.  By harnessing broad industry support, the PAC can support those candidates for federal office who recognize the importance that composites play in our quality of life.

How is the ACMA PAC Managed?

The ACMA PAC is governed by a steering committee of association members committed to a strong Washington voice for the composites industry. The committee ensures that PAC contributions are made to those who have actively supported the composites industry and been allies on issues important to ACMA members.

Learn More About ACMA PAC or Participate

To receive donations to the ACMA PAC, federal law requires that the ACMA PAC obtain advance approval to solicit contributions from the executive and administrative personnel of ACMA's corporate members. This means we may not solicit you for a contribution until you explicitly authorize ACMA PAC to do so. Accordingly, please fill out the prior approval form as soon as possible. This will allow you to receive more information on how you can support your industry and your Members of Congress through ACMA PAC.