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CCT-Open Molding

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Much has changed since the Open Molding CCT was first published over 10 years ago. This updated program reflects changes in processes and practices. Enroll today for the latest information on the open molding process.

Thanks to the Open Molding process of making fiberglass composites, we can enjoy magnificent boat hulls and decks, RVs, truck cabs, spas, bathtubs, shower stalls and many other finished products. Open Molding involves either spray-up or hand lay-up, and it can be accomplished in several ways. Over the years, these methods have been refined to be more energy efficient. To reduce VOC emissions, new spray guns and heads dispense gel coats and resins, and roller impregnators pump resin into something similar to a paint roller.

As the original CCT program offered by ACMA, the CCT-Open Molding focuses on the broad scope of Open Molding technology. The exam and study guide focus on the practical aspects of gel coat applications, laminating techniques and safety procedures. This program is also available in Spanish.

As a candidate for the CCT-Open Molding, one can expect to see the following subject matters addressed in the study materials, as well as the certification examination.

Program Overview - Open Molding

Open Molding