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ACMA Academic Partnerships

How the CCT Program Compliments Technical Schools and Colleges


The majority of CCTs are current composites manufacturing employees who sought certification to elevate their professional expertise, gain recognition of their skills and enhance their career opportunities.

However, an increasing number of CCTs are students preparing for careers in the expanding composites industry. For them, the CCT program offers tried and tested training with real-life applications and an opportunity to increase their competitiveness in a challenging job market.

As an academic institution partnering with ACMA, you have the opportunity to supplement your curriculum with ACMA’s study materials, as well as offer your students the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognized credential in addition to gaining college credit. The CCT Academic Partnership Program benefits both schools and their students in several ways:

CCT Program Benefits

For Schools

  • Proven instructional tools
  • Industry-recognized certification exam process
  • Access to composites manufacturers for potential partnership
  • Opportunities for federal grants
  • Enhanced career opportunities for students

For Students

  • Training in fundamental composites technologies
  • Industry-recognized curriculum and certification
  • Training in common industry language
  • Documentation of skills
  • Expanded employment opportunities

For more information on becoming an academic partner with ACMA, please contact For a general overview of how the partnership works, you can also view a sample ACMA Academic Agreement.