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Certified Composites Technician (CCT)

The Industry’s Gold Standard for Composites Training

Individual CCT Enrollments

Individual CCT enrollments are processed through the ACMA Education Hub. Pricing for a single CCT enrollment is $265 + S&H and includes all materials and exam fees.

The CCT is a self-study program that includes materials designed to help candidates pass the CCT examination. Once your enrollment has been processed, ACMA will ship you your CCT study guide to begin your preparations.

Candidates have on (1) year from the date of enrollment to take the examination. A 30-day grace period will apply to candidates that contact ACMA within their registration period to take the exam. If a candidate fails to contact ACMA to take their exam within one (1) year of registration, a new enrollment form and payment must be submitted.  

Group CCT Enrollments

To enroll more than one candidate in the CCT program, print the PDF enrollment form and email, fax or mail with payment information (refer to table below for appropriate fees) to ACMA. See enrollment form for shipping and handling costs*.

ACMA CCT Certification Program
2000 N. 15th Street, Ste. 250
Arlington, VA 22201
Fax: 703-525-0743

*Please note: A separate candidate information form is required for each CCT candidate.

Program Fees Per # of Candidates

Member      Non-Member
1-5 $265 + S&H      $395 + S&H
6-10 $235 + S&H      $365 + S&H
11-29 $210 + S&H      $335 + S&H

$160 + S&H

     $305 + S&H

Instructor Course Program Fees

$650 $850