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CCT- Instructor

Does your company certify groups of employees?

Sign up for the next CCT-I course and gain the tools and certification necessary to teach your colleagues and peers!


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Gain the tools needed to demonstrate leadership, facilitate cost-effective training and improve efficiencies and knowledge within your company. The CCT-I course will give you and your company the tools to:

  • Become qualified to teach CCT study courses and administer the CCT exam to CCT candidates, including employees at your company and throughout the industry
  • Learn the best way to get co-workers to speak the same language throughout the company
  • Gain greater knowledge of all aspects of the CCT program for which you are certified


Improve your employee training and knowledge with in-house Certified Composites Technician (CCT) Instructors. By having in-house CCT-Instructors, your company will:

  • Offer employees accessible and consistent training in composites manufacturing processes, increasing operational efficiency and employee knowledge
  • Save time and money in certifying multiple employees for their CCT designation
  • Show a commitment to high worker standards and quality
  • Recognize your top employees for their contributions to the company

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must have an active CCT certification
  • Candidates must complete the application and be accepted into the program
  • Candidates must attend a two-day clinic conducted by ACMA

Instructors Clinic

This course features:

  • Fundamentals of instruction
  • Effective communication
  • Situational instruction
  • Actual teaching practicum

Program Overview - Instructor

  • Fundamentals of Instruction
    • Becoming a CCT instructor
    • CCT Instructor Objectives
    • The Learning Process
    • Overview of Human Behavior Factors
    • Dealing with Students’ Fear of Failure
    • Instructor/Student Relationship
    • Conduct as a CCT Instructor
    • Effective Communications
    • The Teaching Process
    • Teaching Methods
    • Questions as a Teaching Tool
    • Evaluation of Student Progress
  • The Classroom Environment
    • Instructor Evaluation
  • Technical Review-Concepts and Critical Knowledge
    • General Composites Knowledge
    • Composites Manufacturing Processes
    • Composites Materials
    • Gel Coat Application
    • Open Molding Laminating Techniques
    • Controlled Spraying
    • Fluid Handling Equipment Principles
    • Composites Plant Safety
    • Open Molding Quality Assurance