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CCT-Solid Surface

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Nowhere have changes in solid surface materials been more obvious or more beautifying than in our kitchen and bathrooms. The choices are astounding: thousands of patterns, designs, colors and blends of natural or synthetic marble are available to complement our homes and our lifestyles. These solid surface composites mimic the patterns of natural stone such as granite and marble, but are not nearly as expensive or hard to maintain. Solid surface composites combine art, design and beauty to enhance the lives of everyone.

As a candidate for the CCT-Solid Surface, one can expect to see the following subject matters addressed in the study materials, as well as the certification examination.

Program Overview - Solid Surface

  • Composites Manufacturing Process
  • Solid Surface Materials
    • The Polymer Matrix
    • Additives, Pigments and Colorants
    • Functional Fillers and Cast Polymers
  • Matrix Casting Techniques for Solid Surface Products
    • Introduction to matrix Casting Technology
    • Hand Batch Method
    • Automated Equipment
    • Casting Acrylic Resin
  • Postcuring Solid Surface
    • Introduction to Postcuring
    • The Benefits of Postcuring
    • Postcure Equipment
  • Surface Finishing
    • Classes of Surfaces
    • Finishing Flat Sheets
    • Finishing Curved Surfaces
  • Fabrication
    • Seaming
    • Basic Fabrication
    • Renewing and Repair Techniques
  • Cast Polymer Plant Safety
    • Chemical Safety
    • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
    • Housekeeping and Safety
  • Solid Surface Quality Assurance
    • The Approach to Quality
    • Management Roles in Quality Assurance
    • Building a Quality System