Maintaining Your CCT Certification

Certified Composites Technicians must recertify their credentials on a three-year cycle. The CCT recertification program is a self-study course designed to reinforce the information learned in the original certification process, and to add new information to the learning experience. The Recertification Workbook includes a review of selected CCT information, sections on plant safety issues, and an introduction to composites processing technologies that were not discussed in the original CCT manual. Please read each portion of the workbook carefully and answer the open-book exam questions for each section.

ACMA will contact you within three months warning to renew your certification. Should you have any questions about your CCT standing or expiration date, please contact us at

Steps to Recertify

Step 1: Verify your expiration date on your CCT certificate.

Step 2: Browse your CCT recertification program on the ACMA Education Hub and add it to your cart for purchase. (To pay by check, please contact us at 

Step 3: Once you have purchased the recertification program, the workbook and exam will be immediately available in your "My Learning Activities" section of the Education Hub.

Step 4: After reviewing the recertification workbook, open the recertification exam and begin. This exam can be saved and revisited as many times as necessary before you submit it for grading. Remember, this is an open-book exam and using your recertification workbook as a reference is encouraged.

Step 5: Once you have submitted your recertification exam, it will be automatically graded. If you have passed the exam, a notice will display on your screen allowing you to print a temporary certificate. ACMA will send your official letter of recertification and certificate in the mail within three weeks.