Automotive Composites Alliance


The Automotive Composites Alliance (ACA) is one of ACMA's Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) Committees.  This specialty industry committee is focused on growing composites in the automotive market segment.  The Alliance is focused primarily on reaching out to and educating engineers and designers at the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Automotive Composites Alliance (ACA) is to serve as the composites industry’s source of expert information for automotive and heavy truck industry customers and the media. Since 1988, the ACA has represented FRP composite manufactures and material suppliers who actively promote the benefits and use of thermoset composites for these industries.

Activities and Achievements:

  • Published the SMC Design Manual and the SMC Paint Manual for Exterior Body Panels to assist automotive designers and engineers.
  • Published an annual comprehensive list of North American passenger car and truck components molded from composites, demonstrating the diversity of current composites applications.
  • Published a white paper entitled “Recycling of SMC – The Energy/Environment Picture” which discusses the process for recycling SMC and its energy implications.
  • Demonstrated that pyrolysis, shedding, milling and fiber recovery are all viable methods of recycling automotive SMC Components.
  • Current and Future Projects:

  • Education: Educate OEMs, government officials, and end-users regarding the various materials and process opportunities composites have to offer.
  • Marketing: Create marketing case histories to educate the automotive industry which highlights the importance of composites in providing lightweight solutions.
  • Outreach: Pursuing a partnership with Department of Energy (DOE) Composites Manufacturing Innovation Institute to develop industry solutions to increase the use of composites in automotive applications.
  • Leader:

    Chair: Chair: Terry O’Donovan, Core Molding Technologies, Inc.

    Cost of membership: $500

    For more information or to apply for membership, please contact Andrew Barber.