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Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council

The mission of the Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council (FGMC) is to develop, maintain and promote the use of an ANSI nationally accepted fiberglass grating manual, promote and accelerate the use of fiberglass grating specifications among architects, engineers, designers, specifiers and others, act as the leading source of information on composite gratings in the U.S. and throughout the world and develop technical and other information to educate and assist architects, engineers, designers, specifiers and other potential users of composite grating.


Activities and Achievements

  • The FGMC successfully developed an ANSI/ACMA nationally accepted FRP Composites Grating Manual.
  • Launched an end-user website to educate engineers and specifiers about the advantages of composite gratings at
  • Exhibits in the Composites Pavilion at the American Institute of Architects annual conference.

    Current and Future Projects

  • Education: Submit technical sessions for consideration at end-user conferences such as the Offshore Technology Conference and the ASCE Structures Congress.
  • Marketing: Promote the new ANSI/ACMA FRP Composites Grating Manual standards to engineers and specifiers across a broad array of markets.
  • Standards: Create a new industry installation and repair manual.


    Chair: Gregory R. Bond, P.E., Strongwell 

    Cost of membership: $300

    For more information or to join this committee, contact the CGI Department at