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High Performance

The mission of the High Performance Council (HPC) is to promote the use and encourage the manufacturing of advanced composites for use in demanding applications across multiple industries.

What Are High Performance Composites?

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)
  • Aramid (Kevlar®)
  • C-Glass Fiber
  • Other advanced materials including thermoplastic composites, quartz fiber, Spectra fiber and Ceramic-Matrix Composites (CMCs).

    High Performance Composites outperform traditional materials, because they are often lighter in weight and less expensive.

    Current and Future Projects:

  • Education: Continue to produce informative webinars and educational sessions that teach congress, federal agencies, engineering students and end users about the benefits of high performance composites.
  • Marketing: Identify opportunities for members to participate in high performance composites pavilions at conferences to promote awareness and use of composites in automotive, aerospace and defense industries. Create and promote a compendium on advanced materials and process specifications to educate end-users, specifiers, designers and engineers.
  • Standards: Develop ASTM and SAE standards for characterization of advanced materials used in industrial, automotive and aircraft industries.
  • Outreach: Contribute to the joint ITECS/Oak Ridge National Laboratory “Carbon Fiber Composites Consortium,” dedicated to the development of low-cost carbon fiber composite materials.

    Chair:Chair: Peter Hedger, Jr., Magnum Venus Products

    Cost of membership: Free for ACMA members.


    For more information, or to join this committee, contact the CGI Department at