Pultrusion Industry Council


The Pultrusion Industry Council (PIC) is one of ACMA's Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) Committees. This specialty industry committee is focused on growing composites fabricated through the pultrusion manufacturing process.

For engineers, architects, designers and specifiers, to learn more about pultrusion go to www.pultrusionindustry.org.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pultrusion Industry Council is to promote the healthy growth of the pultrusion industry through cooperatively representing the industry before government and code bodies, promoting the use of pultruded products over traditional materials, supporting the development of meaningful design standards, compiling and communicating relevant technical, statistical and other data and cooperatively addressing other issues that may, from time to time, be an opportunity for, or a threat to, the industry.


There are currently 38 companies that belong to ACMA's Pultrusion Industry Council.  Fourteen are fabricators; the remaining 24 are material suppliers, distributors, consultants and academics.



Glenn Barefoot
Strongwell Corporation

ACMA Staff Liaison

Andrew Huber
Manager, CGI Committees
P: 703-682-1653


The Pultrusion Industry Council’s project with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to develop a design standard for pultruded composites profiles completed a 3-year project with ASCE. The deliverable from this project is a prestandard titled - PreStandard Load and Resistance Factor Design of Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Structures. Members of PIC are now participating in a standards committee in ASCE to convert this document into an official, ANSI approved, ASCE Standard.

In addition, the PIC is finished an ACMA industry guideline titled Code of Standard Practice for the Fabrication and Installation of Pultruded FRP Structures. This document is meant to be a companion document to the LRFD standard when published by ASCE. It is intended to provide recommendations for construction contract documents, fabrication and installation of pultruded FRP structures as well as define procedures for the pultrusion industry. The document will function as an industry best practice. The Code of Practice industry guideline was recently accepted as an ANSI approved standard through ACMA. Now, this document can be called out in the standards requirements of the LRFD.

The next steps for the PIC upon publishing the ASCE standard will be to developing tools and textbooks for structural engineers to use the LRFD standard. In addition, technical workshops, webinars, and technical presentations are planned to encourage and instruct structural/civil engineers on the proper use and design of pultruded composites profiles used in building construction.

Become a Member

The Pultrusion Industry Council is open to any member of the American Composites Manufacturers Association interested in growing the composites transportation structures market segment. Dues for the Council are $500. All funds raised by the Council are reserved exclusively for projects voted on by the Council membership. For more information or to apply for membership, please contact Andrew Huber.