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Pultrusion Industry Council

The mission of the Pultrusion Industry Council (PIC) is to foster continuous improvement in the design, manufacture, marketing and use of pultruded products. Council members represent the industry before governmental, academic and industry organizations for the advancement of the pultrusion industry. The Pultrusion Industry Council works to compile and distribute technical data of interest to the industry, and toward the development of meaningful design standards for the industry.


Activities and Achievements:

  • Launched a website for engineers, specifiers and other end users to educate them about pultrusion and connect the end user with PIC fabricators:
  • Raised $1.4 million and completed a 3-year project with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to develop a Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Pre-Standard for FRP Pultruded Composites (New Standard Development).
  • Developed and published an ANSI/ACMA standard - Code of Standard Practice Industry Guidelines for Fabrication and Installation of Pultruded FRP Structures for pultruded shapes for the pultrusion industry to follow and serve as a companion document to the LRFD.

    Current and Future Projects:

  • Education: Develop and conduct webinars and other educational sessions for civil/structural engineers on the design and use of FRP pultruded structures.
  • Marketing: Collect pultrusion industry metrics associated with structural shapes covered by the LRFD in order to measure the effectiveness of the LRFD standard, develop marketing and educational tools to promote and educate structural engineers and architects on using the LRFD standard, establish exhibit booth at the ASCE Structures Congress and initiate the development of software and design examples to help structural engineers use the LRFD Standard.
  • Standards: Support the development of 1) LRFD Standard with support and participation on the ASCE Structural Composites and Plastics standards committee, and 2) ASTM test methods required by the LRFD standard.
  • Outreach: The PIC is supporting research and development on a Thermal Break Strategies Research study with Northeastern University to explore a potential new market in building construction that utilize pultruded projects as alternative to steel.


    Chair: Robert Plagemann, Tecton Products, LLC

    Cost of membership: $500 (manufacturers, suppliers, consultants); $100 academic


    For more information, or to join this committee, contact the CGI Department at