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Transportation Structures Council

The mission of the Transportation Structures Council (TSC) is to coordinate the development and promotion of composites technology and products used in the repair or replacement of transportation structures. The Council partners with trade, technical and professional organizations to identify and reduce barriers to market acceptance, promotes education and awareness of composites technology and provides leadership in the development of codes and standards. Council members also engage government agencies and legislators to identify programs and solicit funding to facilitate the specification of composites technology and demonstration projects.


Activities and Achievements

  • Development of a end-user reference website to educate engineers and specifiers on the benefits and applications of composites,
  • Supported development of various American Concrete Institute standards and specifications for FRP composites used in concrete. Promoted the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials design specifications for FRP composites used in concrete bridges.
  • Exhibited and developed technical workshops on FRP composites at the International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh for 16 consecutive years.
  • Educated Congressional legislators on the benefits of composites to influence the writing of the Transportation Bill reauthorization.
  • Collaborated with the Federal Highway Administration to educate engineers through webinars and workshops on the benefits of using composites in transportation structures.
  • Successfully advocated to Congress for the FHWA to contract with the Transportation Research Board to assess the overall performance of over 300 bridges built under the Innovative Bridge Research and Construction (IBRC) Program. Over half of these bridges were built with composites.

    Current and Future Projects:

  • Education: Conduct a technical workshop at the 2016 International Bridge Conference and develop an infrastructure conference track at CAMX 2016.
  • Marketing: Sponsor and staff an exhibit booth at the 2016 International bridge Conference.
  • Standards: Support the development of new standards for composites through the AASHTO subcommittee on Bridges, T-6, ASCE LRFD Standard and ASTM test methods.
  • Outreach: Develop relationships with FHWA in the education of engineers and bridge owners on FRP composites technology and conduct outreach and develop partnerships with other organizations such as AASHTO, the Transportation Research Board and the Center for Accelerated Bridge Construction.


    Chair: David White, PE, SIKA Corporation

    Cost of membership: $500

    For more information, or to join this committee, contact the CGI Department at