Transportation Structures Council


The Transportation Structures Council is one of ACMA's Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) Committees. This specialty industry committee is focused on growing composites in transportation structures such as bridges and bridge decks, bridge pier protection systems, marine piling, and in related construction in the building market. The committee has worked to educate state and federal Department of Transportation (DOT) officials through a new end user website and local workshops.

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Mission Statement

Coordinate the development and promotion of composites technology materials and products used in the repair or replacement of transportation structures. Partner with trade, technical and professional organizations to identify and reduce barriers to market acceptance, promote education and awareness of composites technology and provide leadership in the development of codes and standards. Engage government agencies and legislators to identify programs and solicit funding to facilitate the specification of composites technology and demonstration projects.  Communicate product innovations and successes in the marketplace through trade and consumer press and media.


There are currently 24 companies that belong to ACMA's Transportation Structures Council.  Eleven are fabricators; the remaining companies are material suppliers, distributors, consultants and academics.



David White
Sika Corporation

ACMA Staff Liaison

Andrew Huber
Manager, CGI Committees
P: 703-682-1653


Key activities of the TSC have been in the form of education and promotion of FRP composites.  TSC members have been very active for the past 13 years in providing technical workshops on the advancements of FRP composites used in bridge construction repair and replacement at the annual International Bridge Conference.  

In addition, the TSC also promoted composites with a 20 ft exhibit booth with products like bridge decks, pedestrian bridges, concrete reinforcement (rebar, dowl bar, grids), external structural concrete strengthening systems, marine piling, structural shapes, and girders. The TSC will be exhibiting at the International Bridge Conference for their 14th straight year, and will also be presenting a technical workshop entitled "Cost Effective Innovative Design and Construction of Bridge Structures Using FRP Composites," Wednesday, Jue 11, 2014 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. 

In 2011, the TSC teamed up with FHWA to participate in and provide information for over 10 webinars and regional workshops promoting the use of FRP composites in Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).

The TSC continues to educate engineers, specifiers, end-users, and government officials, and is currently coordinating a briefing to the Congressional Composites Caucus.

Become a Member

The Transportation Structures Council is open to any member of the American Composites Manufacturers Association interested in growing the composites transportation structures market segment. Dues for the Council are $500. All funds raised by the Council are reserved exclusively for projects voted on by the Council membership. For more information or to apply for membership, please contact Andrew Huber.