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Utility & Communication Structures Council

The mission of this committee is to improve power delivery and communications infrastructure by promoting the use and understanding of composite poles and crossarms for electrical distribution, transmission and communication structures applications. Members’ undertake proactive activities dealing with education, legislation, regulation, marketing and development of codes and standards.


Activities and Achievements:

  • Corrected code change proposals for the 2012 National Electric Safety Code (NESC) – for electrical utility structures that affected FRP composites.
  • Conducted outreach to government agencies (DoE, USDA) and utility professional organizations to educate owners and users on composites benefits and assist in development of standards and specifications.
  • Conduct briefings with Congressional Staff of the Composites Caucus and other legislative offices to inform and educate staff on composites and the electric grid.

    Current and Future Projects:

  • Education: Develop educational session on composites at various utility industry conferences to educate civil/structural utility engineers on the benefits of using composites. Compile industry materials and product tests to answer critical needs of utilities regarding the performance of composites in electrical utility applications.
  • Standards: Preparing specification standards that cover distribution poles, transmission poles and crossarms, with the ultimate goal of creating consensus ANSI/ACMA standards and ASTM test methods. These standards are now under review with expected approval in 2016.
  • Outreach: Interface regularly with EPA Office of Pesticides, U.S. Trade Representative and support the new Congressional Grid Innovation Caucus. Currently working with the Department of Energy to produce white paper for a multi-material study with a National Laboratory comparing composite utility poles to other materials.
  • Trade: ACMA has attended the WTO environmental goods negotiations taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, meeting with international trade representatives and well into the process to include composite utility poles and rigid pipes/tubes are on the list to be considered for tariff elimination.


    Chair: Scott Holmes, Highland Composites

    Cost of membership: $500

    For more information, or to join this committee, contact the CGI Department at