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Composites Manufacturing Magazine

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As ACMA’s official publication, Composites Manufacturing provides access to industry decision makers and experts as well as key players in the regulatory and legislative arenas. Reaching more than 8,000 subscribers every other month, this flagship magazine provides comprehensive reporting on the issues that matter to the industry and make a difference to your bottom line.

Composites Manufacturing and its weekly e-newsletter, Industry Digest, offer practical assessments of the current state of the composites industry, as well as thoughtful explorations of the opportunities and challenges ahead. These publications include timely coverage of core market segments, materials, processes and technical education, plus topics such as sustainability, plant safety, operational efficiency and research advances.

Composites Manufacturing is available in free print or digital subscriptions for all in the composites industry. Subscription fees for those outside of the composites industry are $35 per year, and international subscriptions are $55 per year. Archived issues and exclusive online content are available at