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Composites Manufacturing invites freelance feature submissions. Please include photos and any applicable charts/graphs with articles. Digital photos should be 300 dpi and should be provided as a separate file (not embedded in the Word document). Please send your pitch to and we will happy to discuss your article idea with you.


Editorial coverage includes core market segments, composites materials, manufacturing processes, legislative and regulatory issues, ACMA news and more.

Jan./Feb. 2014
Feature Topic: State of the Industry
Market Spotlight: Sports & Rec (Composites in Winter Olympics)
Materials and Process Spotlight: Resins/Gel Coats

March/April 2014
Feature Topic: Green/Sustainable Manufacturing
Market Spotlight: A Look Ahead at CAMX
Materials and Process Spotlight: Automotive Reinforcements

May/June 2014
Feature Topic: Business Management
Market Spotlight: Architecture
Materials and Process Spotlight: Composite Testing & Repair

July/Aug. 2014
Feature Topic: High-performance Composites
Market Spotlight: Infrastructure
Materials and Process Spotlight: Equipment & Tooling

Sept./Oct. 2014
Feature Topic: University R&D
Market Spotlight: CAMX Preview, Pipe & Tank
Materials and Process Spotlight: Manufacturing Advances

Nov./Dec. 2014
Feature Topic: Post-CAMX Coverage
Market Spotlight: Aerospace
Materials and Process Spotlight: Materials Innovation