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The Certified Composites Technician (CCT) program is the industry’s gold standard for composites training. It is designed to strengthen industry standards, elevate production performance, upgrade individual levels of knowledge and skill and offer public recognition to those who demonstrate a prescribed level of expertise in a specific composites specialization. CCT designations are available in the following focus areas:

The program was created by ACMA in 1999 in response to the industry’s clear need for uniform training and technical skills. CCT is the only certification program of its kind in the industry.

The majority of CCTs are composites manufacturing employees. Industry suppliers and distributors also take advantage of the program in order to develop the background needed to work most effectively with their customers. A growing number of technical schools and colleges are offering CCT training as part of their curriculum.

CCTs are recognized as experts throughout the composites industry. They are role models for their colleagues and co-workers. Certification enhances their professional value within a manufacturing arena that is becoming progressively more competitive and technically demanding.

Program benefits for companies include: Increased productivity, lower production costs, enhanced product quality, improved plant safety, lower employee turnover and a more skilled, forward-looking workforce capable of promoting long-term market growth.

CCT program benefits for individual technicians include: documentation of professional expertise, job-focused training, increased earnings potential and expanded career opportunities.

ACMA members receive discounted rates on all CCT programs.