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CCT- Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM)

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The need to constantly improve quality, increase productivity, reduce emissions, decrease operational costs, and produce precision parts is placing considerable pressures on the composites manufacturer.

The intermediate closed molding processes: Vacuum Infusion Processing (VIP) and Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) that were developed more than five decades ago have remained in the background until the recent development of improved engineering systems and materials. Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM), a variation of the vacuum infusion process, appeared about 10 years ago as mold flexible counter molds were developed, along with improved materials and equipment.

These closed molding processes are changing the industry. To survive and thrive will require adjusting shop processes and acquiring new skills. Through the use of step-by-step procedures and interpretative pictures and graphics, this newest curriculum has been designed to provide the knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies necessary to successfully adapt these processes.

As a candidate for the CCT-LRTM, one can expect to see the following subject matters addressed in the study materials, as well as the certification examination.

Program Overview - Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM)

Light Resin Transfer Molding