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CCT-Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP)

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The vacuum infusion process is a closed molding process, and was initially developed over six decades ago. Until recently, these molding methods mostly languished in the background of mainstream molding, with only occasional interest from the composites community. Today, with styrene emissions becoming a major issue and with quality at the top of everyone’s list, VIP processes are receiving well-deserved attention.

VIP is drawing interest currently because of its low capital investment, easily manageable learning curve, and potential emissions reductions. Closed Molding is changing the industry as we know it. To survive and thrive will require adjusting our shop processes and acquiring new skills. This curriculum gives you a great head-start, and becoming a CCT-VIP will certainly position you in the best spot for job opportunities.

As a candidate for the CCT-VIP, one can expect to see the following subject matters addressed in the study materials, as well as the certification examination.

Program Overview - Vacuum Infusion (VIP)