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Getting Certified 

Obtaining Your CCT Credential

Preparing for the Exam 

After enrollment is confirmed, all CCT candidates will receive their respective CCT Study Guide (included in enrollment fees) to help them prepare for their exam. All certification programs culminate with the completion of an exam.

When candidates are ready to sit for the exam, they must contact the ACMA certification department at or 703-525-0511 with the name and contact information of their proctor (including job title, company name, email address, telephone and shipping address) at least two (2) weeks before their desired exam date in order to ensure prompt delivery of all exam materials. Once this request has been received, ACMA will arrange for the candidate’s proctor to administer the exam either via the online ACMA Education Hub or by paper and pencil through the mail.

Exam Administration

All CCT exams consist of 100 multiple choice questions and are “closed-book.” Two (2) hours are allocated for the exam. The passing standard of the CCT examination is a minimum score of 80 questions answered correctly, or 80%. Candidates sitting for their CCT exam must be supervised by a previously identified proctor. Proctors can be a CCT Instructor, the candidate’s supervisor, or someone in the Human Resources Department of their company. Candidates must provide the name and contact information of their proctor when requesting an exam packet from ACMA.


Candidates who elect to take their CCT exam online via the Education Hub will receive their pass/fail status and printable temporary certificate immediately upon completion. If you pass the CCT exam, ACMA will mail your official letter and certificate within two (2) weeks.

Candidates who elect to take their CCT exam in hardcopy format, please allow up to two (2) weeks for ACMA to receive your exam packet and grade your exam. ACMA will mail your official letter and certificate within two (2) to three (3) weeks of reciving your exam packet from your proctor. 


If a candidate fails to achieve a test score of 80% or higher, the candidate may retake the examination for a retake fee of $100, but must do so within 12 months of notification of test results. If a candidate does not retake the exam in that period, a new CCT enrollment fee must be submitted. Candidates may take the examination up to two times in one calendar year. There are no limitations on the total number of times a candidate may take the examination.


Certified Composites Technicians must recertify their credentials on a three-year cycle. The CCT recertification program is a self-study course and is designed to reinforce information in the original verification process. The cost for ACMA members to recertify is $60, and the cost to recertify for nonmembers is $110. The articles printed in the recertification workbook include a review of selected CCT topics. For more on recertification, please visit the Recertification page.