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Events Calendar

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

EPA Risk and Technology Review (RTR) Update of the Composites Manufacturing MACT Standard ACMA-Event-logo

Webinar, 1:00-1:30 PM

The project leader for EPA's risk and technology review (RTR) update of the composites manufacturing MACT (emission control) standard will provide a summary and answer questions during ACMA's Compliance 30/30 webinar at 1:00 PM Eastern on November 29. ACMA is calling on each composites manufacturer to download the database of industry facilities EPA is using for the RTR MACT update and make sure the agency's information about the company is correct. Incorrect information in the database could lead the agency to propose a MACT update requiring unreasonably costly or restrictive controls. The EPA project lead will provide more information about this database during this webinar.

DECEMBER 12-14, 2017

CAMX ACMA-Event-logo

Orlando, Florida

Created by ACMA and SAMPE to connect and advance all aspects of the world’s composites and advanced materials communities, CAMX is an all-encompassing event. Regardless of the application — transportation, aerospace, marine, wind energy, software, construction and infrastructure, medical, academics, sports and leisure — CAMX is the must-attend event for products, solutions, networking, and advanced industry thinking.

JANUARY 16, 2018

How Graphene Enhanced Composites are Changing the Game

Webinar, 10:00 AM

This webinar will explain how graphene* is being used to enhance the properties of specific composite materials and will provide examples of applications where these materials are being used today. Learn what you need to know in order to take advantage of how graphene enhanced materials are providing superior solutions.

*What is Graphene? Graphene is single plane of sp2 carbon bonded atoms in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice.

Its amazing properties include;

  • It is the thinnest material known to man, so thin that it is considered to be 2 dimensional.
  • It is the strongest material ever measured, 100-300 times stronger than steel.
  • It is the best conductor of electricity, approaching the performance of a superconducting material at room temperature.
  • It is nearly transparent (when in a perfect single layer of carbon atoms).
  • It is the best conductor of heat, even better than diamond.

Produced in partnership with The Graphene Council

JANUARY 18, 2018

Composite Wind Blade Repair: Cost Advantages of Certified Personnel Executing Quality Repairs That Follow Proper Materials and Fabrication Technics as per the Certified Composites Technician Program (CCT) standards

Webinar, 1:00 PM

The webinar will examine the advantages of maintained composites in wind blades for safety, efficiency and cost. The various materials, designs and resin systems for wind blades will be discussed to further understand requirements. In the drive to make wind power more cost competitive and efficient understanding the materials and how to repair them is a key effort. With the high cost of replacement, more advanced materials, multiple blade designs and increased length certified specialists in this area are needed for industry growth.

The webinar will provide a general overview of materials knowledge, structure repair training and repair technics required to meet the ACMA Certified Composites Technician requirements. These are measurable skills needed to become a Composite Wind Blade Repair Technician (CCT). This critical repair and maintenance area is in growing demand as power generation efficiency and longevity of equipment is critical to wind energy business models. Materials suppliers and manufacturers require specified composite blade repairs. These should be done by certified technicians that understand the materials, design and proper repair procedures.

Presenter: Andrew Pokelwaldt, CCT


Global Composites Conference ACMA-Event-logo

Las Vegas, Nevada

Global Composites will explore the industry from a worldwide perspective, looking at high growth areas such as the US, China, Brazil and the Middle East. The conference will examine the global supply chain with particular focus on carbon and glass fiber manufacture and resin production. It will also look at emerging technology trends from around the world and highlight global market information.

APRIL 10-12, 2018

Composites Recycling Conference ACMA-Event-logo

Knoxville, Tennessee

Save the date and make plans to attend the Composites Recycling Conference, April 10 – 12, 2018, in Knoxville, TN. The education and networking event will bring in experts from the U.S. and around the world to highlight the most relevant technology and business developments which are turning composites recycling into a reality. Attendees will:

  • Get hands-on time with the latest recycled composite products that will be on display
  • Explore the development of a self-sustaining composites recycling industry
  • Learn to reduce scrap and increase productivity and improve your bottom line

APRIL 17, 2018

ACMA Presents CCT at Corrosion 2018 - "Corrosive Chronicles"

Phoenix, Arizona

The presentation will highlight corrosion applications using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites (FRP) materials. Presentation of specification and manufacturing knowledge for proper use of FRP in corrosion applications will be given. The forum will inform industry decision makers, manufacturers and installers on Fiber Reinforced Polymer application advantages. It will outline some of the workforce safety, training and selection criteria for Fiber Reinforced Polymer products. Interaction is encouraged with those in the forum who have questions or concerns regarding applications that best suit FRP corrosion products. The presentation will inform, educate and build confidence in composite product selection and application. The forum will outline some of the workforce challenges technical employees specifying FRP products and those that use them should prepare for.

Presenter: Andrew Pokelwaldt, CCT

MAY 1-3, 2018

CCT Instructors Course ACMA-Event-logo

Kansas City, Missouri

The Certified Composites Technician Instructor course is an opportunity for current CCT qualified individuals to become qualified instructors. The 2.5 day course will combine classroom training technics with hands on exercises in a composites manufacturing laboratory to reinforce and show practical technics to deliver instruction. The class will culminate with review and a written exam that challenges attendees to show knowledge in the practical, learning theory and technical skills covered during the course. Participants who successfully complete the course are certified to teach CCT study courses and administer the CCT exams to candidates. These CCT- Instructors will be able to take the learned skills and provided materials back to their company and throughout the industry to deliver more effective and engaging training.

Enrollment is now open.