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Market Development

ACMA’s market development program initiative is performed by the Composites Growth Initiative (CGI). CGI is a program that supports ACMA’s strategic goal of member company prosperity and functions as an overarching initiative for the association business growth committees to promote and expand the use and understanding of composites.

The Committees of (CGI) are specialty industry groups representing leading composites markets, manufacturing processes, or products. Members of the CGI committee comprise the Chairmen of the specialty industry groups and selected industry leaders. Corporate members in each group work together to focus on specific projects to expand markets for composites as they compete against traditional materials such as steel, wood, aluminum. These projects often involve development of or inclusion in relevant codes, standards, and specifications, support of regulatory or legislative issues, support development of design guidelines, and targeted education initiatives, technical research, and industry outreach with government and academia. The committees work under the CGI umbrella, to coordinate the advocacy, communications, education and technical support required for each project.

There are five primary components of CGI:

    1. To support the needs of The Committees of the Composites Growth Initiative to positively affect their markets;
    2. To enhance the market presence of composites before potential end-users through education and public relations;
    3. To position composites penetration in market segments through active participation in the development of, or action on, relevant codes and standards;
    4. To strengthen interaction between academia and the composites industry to advance composites knowledge in curriculum and foster new product application development;
    5. To investigate potential market and product opportunities that grow the composites industry through relationships with other organizations representing end market industries for which composites could be used.


CGI Committees/Divisions/Groups