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Publications and E-publications

Members are linked in to the premier information source on the composites industry. Composites Manufacturing magazine and our e-publication Industry Digest offer compelling coverage of trends, events, products and personalities that can give you and your employees a competitive edge in a challenging marketplace.

The Insider: Your direct connection to ACMA (and it’s only for ACMA members). The Insider gives you the inside story on what’s happening on Capitol Hill, educational and networking opportunities, marketplace growth updates and much, much more. It is available to you and your employees

Market Intelligence. Market trends matter— to you and your business. ACMA is your resource to help you make smart business decisions and drive innovation in your companies based on the latest information from thought leaders. Get monthly market updates from Lucintel — a premier management consulting firm, and weekly or monthly economic updates from the National Association of Manufacturers — the largest and most influential manufacturing association in the U.S.

Composites Build America: Policy Spotlight. The Policy Spotlight, an e-newsletter, reports on the latest events on Capitol Hill and allows you and your employees to stay up-to-date on the most current policy and regulatory issues that are affecting the industry. Subscribe Here.

MasterCast Connection is the prime source of information for manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, and installers of cast polymer products. It works in conjunction with the International Cast Polymer Alliance (ICPA) to enhance the success of member companies by highlighting current legislative and regulatory issues, marketing initiatives, industry education programs, and networking events to those in the cast polymer industry.

Composites Growth Initiative Updates (Coming Soon). CGIs are establishing standards and specifications that encourage the use of composites in place of traditional materials, launching websites to produce leads for members and forming strategic alliances with industry leaders. Stay current on the latest projects and initiatives by accessing the Composites Growth Initiative Updates.