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Member Benefits

If you are part of the composites industry, ACMA is your association.  It is your strongest voice – advocating for you and your interests in the corridors of legislative power, the offices of regulatory authority and before the general public. It is also your best resource for up-to-date information, practical education and networking opportunities.

ACMA is built on the principle that as effective as people and companies within the composites industry are on an individual basis, they accomplish more when they join together working for a common cause. Whatever you invest in ACMA in terms of time, energy, ideas or financial support, you are guaranteed to reap a solid return.

ACMA has a proven track record of responding to its members’ leadership, needs and concerns as well as supplying them with a wide range of professional and financial benefits. We provide technical assistance, training programs plus a variety of support services. ACMA membership means exclusive access to industry-related connections, regulatory updates, research papers and statistical reports as well as significant discounts.