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ACMA Membership Awards


ACMA is proud to announce the winners of the 2016-2017 ACMA Membership Awards. These awards recognize the exceptional people who have done their part in making the field of composites a great industry. Sponsored by Bestbath, Johns Manville and North American Composites.

This year's winners are:

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Perry Bennett - Health, Safety and Environmental Director, Molded Fiber Glass Companies
  • Hall of Fame Award: Matt Chambers – President, Design Concepts/Marine Concepts
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael Hood – President, Hood Manufacturing, Inc. (HMI)

"It is very important for ACMA to acknowledge and thank the people who have selflessly gone above and beyond to contribute to the vitality and growth of the composites industry," said Tom Dobbins, ACMA President. "All three award winners have been prominent leaders in the composites industry for decades."

Perry Bennett has 39 years of experience in the environmental health and safety field, and has been an active in ACMA's Government Affairs Committee since its inception in 1995. Perry is also an active member of the Styrene Information Research Center (SIRC) Science and Technology Task Group, and the Public Affairs Task Group.

Matt Chambers has 26 years of composites industry experience and leadership, and has been with Design Concepts / Marine Concepts since 2006 (formally known as JRL Ventures, Inc. / Marine Concepts). As president of the Southwest Florida Manufacturers Association, he won the 2013 Small Business Ambassador Award for Manufacturing from Florida Governor Rick Scott. Under his leadership, JRL Ventures, Inc. won 2010 Manufacturer of the Year from the Manufacturers Association of Florida. Matt is a 2x recipient of the Brunswick, US Marine, Leadership Award. In 1995, he received the USA Today Rochester Institute of Technology Leader Award. He has also served on ACMA's Board of Directors and as the chairman of ACMA's Government Affairs Committee.

Michael Hood has more than 50 years of composites experience, having worked for Hood Manufacturing since 1963. He has run the company since the mid-1980s. He is a former member of the ACMA Western Region Board of Directors and ACMA Membership Committee. Additionally, he has been active in Southern California-area workforce development, having served as the Chair of the Board of the Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board.

ACMA will celebrate and recognize these influential leaders of the composites industry at ACMA's exclusive Membership Awards and Recognition Ceremony at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) - Monday, September 26 from 5-7 p.m. at the Anaheim Convention Center. During the ceremony, ACMA will also announce the winner of its prestigious Chairman's Award.

To attend this exclusive event, click here for tickets.

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Award Programs

Great Industries Have Great People Setting a Course for the Future

Every year ACMA recognizes its leaders through these prestigious awards:

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Composites Hall of Fame Award
  • Chairman's Award

Recognizing the exceptional people who have done their part in making the field of composites a great industry is a core goal of the Member Awards Program.
Please consider nominating someone that you have either worked with directly or whose work sets the standard for recognition in the industry. The awards will be presented at CAMX 2015.

Outstanding Volunteer Award

The strength of ACMA or any other association is the quality of its member volunteers.  ACMA was proud to launch its Outstanding Volunteer Award at COMPOSITES 2009, the largest composites event in North America.  Any ACMA member who has contributed significant volunteer time and effort to achieve positive results on behalf of the industry through service to ACMA is eligible.  This can include service or leadership of a committee or can be work on a special project on behalf of the organization.

The 2015 Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient is Ed Pilpel, President of Polystrand. Pilpel has over 35 years of experience in composites manufacturing, product development and composites recycling and reuse. During the past 25 years at Gordon Composites and Polystrand, he has developed and marketed new products and composite materials utilizing a variety of matrix systems and fibers. He holds over 25 patents and has authored a number of papers.  He has served as the Subcommittee Chairman for the ASTM Committee on snow skis and as the Delegation Chairman on Snow Skis to the ISO Standards Group. He currently serves on ACMA’s Green Composites Committee (GCC) as the Chairman of the Recycling Subcommittee, which recently conducted a successful evaluation of the business case for recycling glass fiber that is converted into another use.

ACMA Outstanding Award Recipients

  • 2015 - Edward Pilpel
  • 2014 - Kenneth Lipovsky
  • 2014 - Thomas Johnson
  • 2012 - Daniel A. Witcher, PE
  • 2011 - Michael Stevens
  • 2011 - Matt Paramental
  • 2011 - John Wilcox
  • 2010 - Marcy Offner
  • 2009 - Cheryl Richards

Nomination Process

ACMA Outstanding Volunteer Nomination Form

To nominate a member for ACMA’s Outstanding Volunteer Award, please download, complete and return via fax to 703-525-0743 or scanned pdf to

Lifetime Achievement Award

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees for ACMA's Lifetime Achievement Award must have been a business owner in the composites industry for at least 20 years and, through their involvement, has made a significant and lasting contribution to the industry. Nominees from all segments of the industry are eligible.

Significant and lasting contribution includes, but is not limited to, performance in any of the following areas:

  • Exemplary contribution to legislative and/or regulatory affairs of significant long-term consequence to the industry
  • Invention of a process or product that has significant long-term importance
  • A very successful business career in which measurable contributions have been made to industry, government, employees or the community
  • Leadership throughout his/her career to the industry’s trade associations where lasting contributions were made, including SPI, SIRC, NMMA, ACMA, etc.

Sitting members of the ACMA Board are not eligible for consideration of this award.

All former and future recipients of the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award will automatically be included in the Hall of Fame, without need for consideration by the Board of Directors. Inaugural members will be identified as Clare Bacon Hall of Fame or Lifetime Achievement inductees.

Nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award who were not selected and all Chairmans’ Award recipients will automatically be considered in the next year for the Hall of Fame selection.

The 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Bill Kreysler, President of Kreysler & Associates. Kreysler is founder and CEO of Kreysler & Associates, a custom molder of fiber-reinforced products in Napa County, Calif. The firm has been awarded numerous awards for excellence in the manufacture of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) architectural products, industrial products, and large-scale sculptures. He has also served as chair of the Napa Valley Workforce Investment Board, President of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and as chair of the ACMA Architectural Products Division. Kreysler is also a founding member and president of the Digital Fabrication Network, an international organization of cross-industry professionals working together to improve processes and accelerate the adoption of digital fabrication tools and techniques. 

ACMA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

  • 2015 - Bill Kreysler
  • 2014 - David Mohnke
  • 2012 - John D. Tickle
  • 2011 - Richard Higgins
  • 2010 - Richard Morrison
  • 2009 - Royce Newsome
  • 2008 - Gary Multanen
  • 2007 - Jacques & Margot Kohn & Larry Ashton
  • 2006 - Louis Dehmlow
  • 2005 - Dr. Frank Cassis
  • 2004 - MC Gill
  • 2003 - Don Aker
  • 2002 - Brandt Goldsworthy
  • 2001 - Everett Pearson
  • 2000 - Lowell Miles
  • 1999 - Wes Hoch
  • 1998 - Robert Morrison

Nomination Process

ACMA Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

To nominate a member for ACMA’s Outstanding Volunteer Award, please download, complete and return via fax to 703-525-0743 or scanned pdf to

Hall of Fame Award

Eligibility Criteria:

Any person who has attained distinction among his/her peers through their efforts, involvement and accomplishments in the composites industry and its associations.
Criteria for judging excellence shall include, but is not limited to, the individual’s performance in any of the following ways:

  • Contribution to legislative and/or regulatory affairs of significant long-term consequence to the industry
  • Invention of a process or product which has commercial value to the composites or cast polymer industry
  • A successful business career in which notable contributions have been made to the composites industry
  • Active, extensive participation in the industry’s trade associations with significant contributions, including SPI, SIRC, ACMA, etc.
  • Academic contribution which has resulted in a noteworthy impact on the composites industry
  • Previous recipients of the SPI Clare E. Bacon Award are eligible

Sitting members of the ACMA Board are not eligible for induction into the Hall.

Nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award who were not selected and all Chairmans' Award recipients will automatically be considered in the next cycle for Hall of Fame selection.

The ACMA 2015 Hall of Fame inductee is Scott Lewit, President of Structural Composites. Lewit is co-inventor of the resin recirculation molding process and the patented PRISMA preform technology. He is also the inventor of the patent pending co-cure strain tunable resin and gel coat technology. In addition to his 14 patents, Lewit was a contributing editor for Composites Manufacturing magazine for more than a decade. He was also managing director for the U.S. Navy’s Marine Composites Technology Center, where he also served as chairman of the Executive Steering Committee in 2002. In October 2013, he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the Florida TechXpo, and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Florida TechXpo the following year.  In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Structural Composites was awarded Congressional Medals of Merit from Congressman Bill Posey for outstanding achievement.

ACMA Hall of Fame

  • 2015 - Scott Lewit
  • 2014 - Kenneth Lipovsky
  • 2014 - David Denny
  • 2012 - William Henry Seeman III
  • 2012 - Steve Walling
  • 2011 - Peter Emrich
  • 2011 - Jack Simmons
  • 2010 - Charles H. Dore, III
  • 2010 - Don Abel

Hall of Fame Members

Herb B. Ailes Mark  Greenwood Gary Multanen
Don Aker Robert E. Griffin Royce Newsom
John B. Alfers L. June Gundrum Kanemasa Nomaguchi
Frank X. Ambrose James Hearons Samuel S. Oleesky
Thomas F. Anderson Richard Higgins John Owens
Larry Ashton Wes Hoch Harry J. Paulus
Jules Augsdorfer Charles Hoover Everett Pearson
John Avignon Jack Jenks Harry E. Pebly, Jr.
Clare E. Bacon Edward J. Jonasch Edwin Plueddemann
F. Robert Barnet Charles Jones Tom Priesel
John Berkson Jacques Kohn Jerry Purcell
Robert D. Bitten Margot Kohn Harriet Raymond
Robert J. Brinkeman Ray B. Krepps John Roesle
Frank A. Cassis Bob Lacovara Dominick V. Rosato
David J. Clavadetscher A.W. Levenhagen Carl Rue
C. William Cleworth George Lubin Burt Rutan
Frank W. Como James S. Lunn Al Schempp
Charles L. Condit Richard Malamphy Roger Sellew
William Cruse Terry McCabe William E. Smith
David  D’Antoni Hiram McCann Ralph H. Sonneborn
Frank  Dehmlow Charlie McClaskey Sherman Stambaugh
Fred Dierks Frederick J. McGarry George A. Stein
Robert Dieterle Terry McQuarrie Robert Sweet
Richard DiRienzo Leonard S. Meyer Walter A. Szymanski
George Dohn Lowell Miles Robert B. Truitt
Tom Doyle David Mohnke Roger B. White
T. Richard Evans Carole Monheim W. Burdette Wilkins
Harold B. Freeman Samuel A. Moore A.J. Wiltshire
Louis Garasi Laura E. Morrison Robert Winblad
M.C. Gill Robert S. Morrison Lawrence Wittman
W. Brandt Goldsworthy Richard Morrison P. Robert Young
William H. Gottlieb

Nomination Process

ACMA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

To nominate a member for ACMA’s Outstanding Volunteer Award, please download, complete and return via fax to 703-525-0743 or scanned pdf to

Chairman's Award

The current ACMA chairman has the privilege of selecting one individual every year to honor with the Chairman’s Award.  This tradition was established in 1988 and has continued every year since.  This is the only ACMA award that does not accept nomination.

The 2015 Chairman’s Award recipient is Lori Luchak-Olund of Miles Fiberglass & Composites, Inc. for her enthusiasm, creativity, leadership and dedication to ACMA and the composites industry. Miles-Olund a past president of ACMA and a past President of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society of the Plastics Industry and the North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce. She sits on the board of Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science High School, Oregon Manufacturer Extension Partnership, Boy Scouts of America-Cascade Council, Clackamas County Business Alliance and the Oregon Workforce Investment Board. Last year, the National Association of Manufacturer's (NAM) Manufacturing Institute awarded her with a Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Award.

Past Chairman’s Award Winners

  • 2015 Lori Miles-Olund
  • 2014 William Kreysler
  • 2014 Monty Felix
  • 2012 Randy Weghorst
  • 2011 Leon Garoufalis
  • 2010 Steve Walling
  • 2009 John Tickle
  • 2008 Richard Morrison
  • 2007 William Holtzclaw
  • 2006 Peter Emrich
  • 2005 Terry McCabe
  • 2004 Bob DeRoma
  • 2003 Fred Dierks
  • 2001 Bill Seemann
  • 2000 John Schweitzer
  • 1999 Pat Money
  • 1998 Russ Fisher
  • 1997 Larry Craigie
  • 1996 Dick Holland
  • 1995 Charlie McClaskey
  • 1994 Gary Multanen
  • 1993 Doug Gomes
  • 1992 Gerald Bender
  • 1991 Wes Hoch
  • 1990 Pat Johnson
  • 1989 Bob Lacovara
  • 1988 Lowell Miles

If you have questions about your nomination, please contact or call 703-525-0511.