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Boy Scout Merit Badge

merritt-badgeThe American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is proud to support the Boy Scouts of America’s newest merit badge – Composites Materials.

This webpage is intended to assist the Scout and Counselors with information on composites and to help the Scout earn his merit badge. Please keep in mind that the site is informational only and is meant to supplement the merit badge pamphlet. We recommend that you obtain the merit badge pamphlet by contacting the Boy Scouts of America (general website:; to purchase pamphlets:

The ACMA has also established the Composites Merit Badge Committee. This association committee is comprised of composites industry experts, leaders, and former Scouts, many of them Eagle Scouts, who are both active and retired from the composites industry.

The Composites Merit Badge Committee intends to help Scouts and Counselors in several ways:

  • Provide technical information on materials and manufacturing techniques
  • If possible, coordinate industry volunteers to serve as counselors and provide local instruction on the materials and manufacturing of composites in support of the requirements of the Composites Merit Badge
  • Provide development of projects that manufacture composites to guide the Scouts to earn the Composites Merit Badge
  • Provide the Scouts, councils, and counselors with member companies for visiting manufacturing plants