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March is CGI Month

CGI Month Bonuses

Interview with Leon Garoufalis, President and COO of Composites One
Developing Standards by John Busel, ACMA’s Director, Composites Growth Initiative

For almost a decade, Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) committees have promoted composites in new markets and expanded existing markets. For the entire month of March, we will celebrate what we’ve achieved, what we have planned and how belonging to a CGI can help grow your business.

More than 200 member companies are involved in CGI committees. If you’re not a member of a CGI committee, you’re not getting the most out of your ACMA membership. If you’re not a member of ACMA, you’re not getting the market exposure and leads that will drive your company to prosper.

Today, CGIs are:

Next year will bring more innovations, more outreach and more business for CGI members. A few of the projects that CGI committees are working on include:

If you’re already an ACMA member, get the competitive edge and become involved in a CGI committee! Learn more about the 12 CGI Committee and the one that is just right for you company. Email Jonathan Roberts or call 703-682-1653.

If you’re not an ACMA member, join today! Email Paul Hirsh or call 703-682-1665.

See what ACMA Chief Staff Executive Tom Dobbins has to say about how CGI committees are working to grow the composites market in the March/April issue of Composites Manufacturing magazine.

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