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Project Ideas

In the Composite Materials Merit badge pamphlet, Requirement 5a indicates the Scout must manufacture 2 projects made from composites. Several projects are listed in the book. However, there are endless projects that could be done. The Scout is encouraged to be creative and develop his own project. Suggested ideas are as follows:

Group Projects

  • Surf board
  • Canoe or kayak
  • Troop box
  • Totem poles
  • Snow shoes
  • Lightweight troop/patrol kitchen
  • Troop trailers
  • Klondike derby sled
  • Snow boards
  • Camp signage

Individual Projects

  • Skate board
  • Skim board
  • Walking sticks
  • Car or Boat Repair
  • Tool Handle Repair
  • Window flower box
  • Camp fire bucket
  • Small toy boat
  • Modified pinewood derby cars