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 “Sometimes opportunity does not knock, so you have to kick the door in. That is what committee work does…. Committee work benefits the industry as a whole, but benefits the committee participants specifically and more immediately.”

-- Kevin Spoo, Owens Corning

The mission of the American Composites Manufacturers Association is to provide a forum for the composites industry to develop and enhance shared opportunities and address common challenges. To work toward this mission, the association has adopted three primary goals, which guide and structure our committees and their efforts.

Committees that assist ACMA in their mission to become the recognized source of education and information for the composites industry Download the Committee Application (pdf)

Below is information on ACMA's 2012-2013 committees:

Communication Committee

Description: Provides ACMA members, stakeholders and end users of composite products with timely, usable information that is relevant to – and consistent with – the Mission and strategic plans of ACMA and may offer revenue generation in keeping with the organization’s goals.
Types of People: Communication specialists

Commitment: 3 year term; approximately 3 conference calls and 1 in-person meeting a year.

Convention Committee

Description: Provides strategic direction and oversight for COMPOSITES, ACMA’s largest annual trade show and convention. Works to ensure that COMPOSITES provides networking, informational and exhibiting opportunities relevant to the entire U.S. composites industry. Develops and implements overall event format through identification of general session and specialized speakers, evaluation and delivery educational needs and assessment of exhibitors and attendees.

Types of People: Business development, strategy, sales and marketing

Commitment: 2 year term; approximately 1-2 in-person meeting a year and monthly conference calls.

Education Committee

Description: Provides strategic coordination and guidance for all of ACMA’s educational programs, taking primary responsibility for the CCT (Certified Composites Technician) program, Webinars, bookstore items and the identification of conference/workshop/training opportunities and needs.

Types of People: Knowledge of industry processes and materials, training experience, business development, marketing

Commitment: 2 year term; approximately 3 conference calls and 1 in-person meeting a year.

Government Affairs Committee

Description: Identifies for the ACMA Board of Directors all regulatory and fire/building code issues impacting the composites manufacturing. Provides analyses of these issues and their implications, action recommendations and oversight of program management.

Types of People: Environmental health and safety (EH&S) specialists.

Commitment: Approximately 3-6 conference calls and 3-4 in-person meeting a year.

Marketing Committee

Description: Works with staff to develop compelling content and identify appropriate vehicles for effectively promoting the advantages of composites and positioning ACMA as the “voice” of the composites industry. Evaluates and prioritizes outreach strategies and initiatives based on available association resources.

Types of People: Marketing and sales people

Commitment: 2 year term; approximately 3 conference calls and 1 in-person meeting a year.

Membership Committee

Description: Responsible for growing membership through the development and implementation of strong recruitment initiatives and successful retention campaigns.

Types of People: Marketing and sales staff

Commitment: 3 year term; approximately 2 conference calls and 2 in-person meeting a year.