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Fire Committee

The Fire Committee is a special subcommittee of ACMA’s Technical Committee.  The role of this committee is to help educate members on the fire effects on composites performance, address fire related issues pertaining to composites, support development of standards and specifications, and initiate/support development of fire testing to characterize composites performance.  Members of the Fire Committee have been instrumental in helping the Architectural Division develop sections of the International Building Code pertaining to architectural composites as well as organizing technical papers for presentation at ACMA’s annual conference – COMPOSITES.

Case Studies

Fire Protecting Engineering

SFPE Fire Protection Engineering Magazine Fall 2004
Issue Title: Unique Interiors on the Las Vegas Strip
See articles: Unique Interiors on the Las Vegas Strip; Fire Testing of Interior Finish; The Role of Interior Finish in Fire Development

Types of People: technical, research and development, broad and expert knowledge on materials and processing with emphasis on fire testing

Commitment: approximately 3 conference calls and 1 in-person meeting a year depending on approved projects

  • Chair: Dr. Nicholas Dembsey, P.E., FSFPE, Professor, Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Staff Liaison: John Busel