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Technical Committee

Description: The ACMA Technical Committee provides technical resources to help ACMA [and its] members to prosper.

Structure: Participation in the Technical Committee is open to any employees of member companies who have interest, education or experience in dealing with technical issues.


1. Provide an umbrella for accomplishing technical and technically-oriented projects within the Association.

2. Bring industry expertise together to address technical issues of importance to the membership.

3. Form Sub-Committees and work-groups to address specific issues or projects. Mentor, monitor and support those groups in achieving their goals.

4. Maintain regular communication with the board and members regarding our activities, accomplishments and opportunities.

5. Provide technical support to efforts dealing with EPA, OSHA and other Federal and State agencies.

6. Maintain the usefulness of emission factors for molders by maintaining the ANSI UEF process, by undertaking projects to support the UEF and by providing education and assistance to members in applying the UEF.

7. Provide technical support for code and standard development, modifications, or representation within code bodies.

8. Provide support to the ACMA CGI Committees (divisions, alliances, councils) consistent with our charter.

9. Provide a framework for the ongoing presentation, publication and dissemination of technical information, i.e. technical papers and a technical journal.

Types of People: technical, research and development, broad and expert knowledge on materials and processing .
Commitment: approximately 3 conference calls and 1 in-person meeting a year depending on approved projects.