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"Sometimes opportunity does not knock, so you have to kick the door in. That is what committee work does…. Committee work benefits the industry as a whole, but benefits the committee participants specifically and more immediately."

– Kevin Spoo, CCT-C, Owens Corning

Get the most out of your ACMA membership. Join a committee and take an active role to ensure that the composites industry creates the best business environment possible. Make a difference in the industry and help your company at the same time.

Together we can achieve much more than we can individually. There is strength in numbers when representing our industry’s interests to policy makers and the public. Teamwork enhances ACMA’s ability to positively affect the issues that make a difference to you. Through collaboration and cooperation, we can effectively confront the challenges presented by our true competitors: the manufacturers of alternative materials.

ACMA committees provide you a broad range of opportunities to engage in your areas of specific interest and utilize your particular talents on behalf of your business. You can network with the best of the best while working toward common goals. These committees have a proven track record in market expansion, technology dissemination, regulatory and legislative lobbying, end user education and industry training development.

ACMA Committees: