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Strategic Plan and Objectives

ACMA’s 3-year Strategic Plan – Key Results Area of Market Growth & Development

Goal #1:

Increase awareness of potential market advantages of utilizing composite materials.

  1. Assist the Committees of the Composites Growth Initiative with education to endusers.
  2. Proactively work on developing codes and standards that will open or expand markets.
  3. Develop multi-tiered public awareness program that promotes to key audiences the advantages of using composites materials (e.g. to targeted press, specifiers, regulators, etc.).
  4. Assist in the development of new market opportunities, particularly with federal agencies and academic institutions.
  5. Function as an incubator to potential new CGI committees.
  6. Recognize composites innovations and growth in product development, research, processes, materials, and and use markets through the ACE/Pinnacle program.

Goal #2:

Promote alliances among members (suppliers, manufacturers and end users) to explore new markets and/or technologies.

  1. Expand ACMA’s partnering umbrella to include trade, technical, and professional organizations, academia, and government agencies.
  2. Work to create more alliances among members through the committees of the CGI to include suppliers, manufactures and end users.

Goal #3:

Strengthen ACMA.

  1. Promote ACMA as "voice of the composites industry" (both within industry and to key audiences/opinion leaders) will provide increased membership; broader participation in ACMA events, products and services, and enhanced public awareness of composites industry.
  2. Increase overall number of members by 25% and increase annual dues revenue to $1.5 million (25%).
  3. Increase the reputation and recognition of COMPOSITES as the industry leader trade show and convention in the Americas through stronger education, speaker selection, exhibit hall, and an increased presence in other group's publications and materials.