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ANSI/ACMA/ICPA SS-1-2004 - Performance Standard for Solid Surface Materials 

This standard covers requirements and test methods for minimum performance pertaining to structure, renewability, water resistance, colorfastness, stain resistance, cleanability and other significant properties, in addition to general requirements of materials, workmanship and finish of solid surface materials. These products can be used for countertops, wall panels, window sills and other architectural applications. The standard is now retired, and a revised standard adopting ISO 17912 is being balloted. 


PINS Submission: 2/22/2010
Standards Action Publication: 3/5/2010
30 Day, Public Comment ends: 4/4/2010
BSR8/108 Submission: 10/18/2012
Standards Action Publication: 11/2/2012
45 Day, Public Comment ends: 12/17/2012
Canvas Panel Selection: 12/14/2012
Ballot Period closes: 2/14/2013
BSR9 Submission: TBD

For public comment, please contact:
Larry Cox
Solid Surface Secretariat

To obtain a copy of this standard, visit the ACMA Bookstore or contact 703-525-0511