Other Organizations Activity

A number of committee activities from other professional organizations are addressing the recommended use and specification of FRP composites. Many organizations have published codes, standards, test methods and specifications for FRP composites and their products for the respective products. Below is a review of those standards.

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

The American Concrete Institute and its Committee 440 address FRP composites in concrete for rebar, tendons external strengthening, structural stay-in-place formwork, and has developed curriculum for the professional.

To obtain a copy of the documents below, visit ACI publications at www.concrete.org

ACI Reports

ACI Design Guides

ACI Standards

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

AASHTO, through the Bridges and Structures Subcommittee, T-6 (FRP Composites) has published new design guides for the bridge engineer.

To obtain a copy, visit AASHTO publications at https://bookstore.transportation.org, reference bridges and structures.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

ASTM International

ASTM Committee D30 developed a number of test methods for FRP bars used in concrete reinforcement. The published test methods are as follows:

Test Methods Related to Design Standards

Other Test Methods Related to Composites can be referenced at http://www.astm.org/Standards/composite-standards.html