Western Chapter

ACMA's Western Chapter provides specials services and networking opportunities to member companies in the 13 most western state including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

The Chapter has been active in current and past legislative issues, including working on California's PEL initiative, Rule 1162, Rule 1132 and much more. They focus their efforts in both training and advocacy.

The Chapter hosts a bi-annual Corrosion and Construction Conference in Las Vegas, which brings together industry manufacturers, end users, engineers and suppliers gather to discuss the latest in corrosion and construction trends and needs.

In addition, the Chapter awards up to three student scholarships annually to employees, their spouses, children and grandchildren who are employed by an ACMA member company in their region and offers a grant program annually to a college or university that will advance their work in the composites field with support from the Chapter.

For more information on the Western Region and how to get involved, please contact the Western Chapter's Chairman John Wilcox, North American Composites, 480-961-7864 or Vice Chairman Bruce Parsons, PPG Industries, 949-699-4959.

Western Chapter Scholarship Winners

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Eugene Gwost         $ 2000 Frank A. Cassis Scholarship Award
Timothy Cheng        $ 1000 Scholarship Award
Lucas Baker             $ 1000 Scholarship Award

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Timothy Cheng        $ 2000 Frank A. Cassis Scholarship Award
Nicholas Carroll         $ 1000 Scholarship Award
Kevin Novak           $ 1000 Scholarship Award
2012 Scholarship Recipients
Nicholas Carroll         $ 2000 Frank A. Cassis Scholarship Award
Jennifer HU             $ 1000 Scholarship Award
Nicolas Gordon         $ 1000 Scholarship Award